Long History of Evil

Better this morning. More heat in the air and also motion. Almost pleasant. And the podcast was acceptable if a bit dull. But then podcasts – all media programs – are. This gave me opportunity to consider human behavior again.

I was talking to a politicizer yesterday. That’s a person who is politicking but not running for office themselves. They tend to be more engaging and more knowledgeable than the candidates who have rather a talking head existence. Especially that ferd Ain’tWorthless who can’t pitch a tent. If there was ever a front for organizational masters it is he. At least in my opinion.  

But the politicizer was heavy into being ‘pro-choice’. Kept pushing the self-determination aspect. Not bad – for the first fifty picoseconds or so and then got stale. That’s a factor in my support but I am also moved by what I perceive as a fundamental evil in the ‘pro-life’ advocates. What they are advocating is a form of chattel slavery. And I don’t like slavery. Anyone who practices it should be sen for organ harvesting. And it’s a prevarication. I haven’t met a single ‘pro-life’ advocate who doesn’t kill living things. They eat meat and plants; they use soap and medicines, including antibiotics; they use Lysol. The hire exterminators. Hypocrites, one and all sampled. And hypocrisy is almost as bad as slave holding.

But on the positive side I ran across a couple of very nice bits of news about humans. First, I found out that boffins at the Max Planck Institut have determined that homo sapiens and homo neandertalensis have been interbreeding for 50 KY. [Link] Of course since neandertals went away about 30 KYA, I should say they first miscegenated 50 KYA. Approximately.

This is a roaring laugh maker. First, I laugh every time I see Max Planck associated with not-physics. Hubris, you know. And maybe a bit of idolatry? And then there is the joy that all us Euro-Americans are crossbreeds. And the African-Americans that Anglo-Saxons used to lynch as inferiors are less so. Rather improves the foul taste in my mouth thinking about this when some sanctimonious self-righteous, religionist fanatic ‘pro-life’r is promoting slavery. Do we need to add christianism to the list of things whose name is the opposite, like political science which isn’t science?

The second is that humans adopted milk consumption 4 KY before they developed mutations for adults to secrete lactase. So early cow raisers were a digestively unhappy bunch. I have to admit to disliking the use of the term lactose intolerant . That’s a condition for children who have always – until someone shows data otherwise – secreted lactase. Otherwise they couldn’t suckle. Or they could but they’d be digestively unhappy. But adults who can’t secrete lactase are the majority, about 3/4 species-wide. But in Amerika they are discriminated against and persecuted. Not as bad as pregnant women, but still harassed and bullied. 

So it seems that eating is a bigger deal than living. Someone tell the founding grandfather. 

And the next time I see those slavers calling themselves ‘pro-life’ I can think about what mongrelized illegitimate offspring they are.