Day of Tempests

A hydrated morning thus far. And the weather beavers foretell great tempests this evening into the morrow. So I have crossed my phalanges that the Arab Electron Uncooperative does not do its usual bug out when foul weather emerges, 

Today is the holyday of Christopher Columbus and the supposed discovery of the Americas. Which seems a bit ridiculous, as well as having the aroma of evil, given, in the first instance the arrival of homo sapiens in the Americas thousands of years prior to Columbus, to say nothing of all the Europeans who got here before him, and in the second do we really want to exalt the nastiness that Columbus was and brought with him? But I am informed that today is now also a holy day of native peoples in the Americas which is also nonsensical since no humans evolved here and calling them native is exaggeration. I much prefer the Canadian ‘First Peoples” since that clearly avoids this bureaucratic septic tank. 

On which azimuth the podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with the myth of Eve (and Adam, but peripherally.) I have to admit to having been bemused, especially with the rather whacked religionist propaganda. It seems rather obvious that Eve is a heroine who saved humans from the trap of Eden – a kennel, at best – and the complacent asentience of Adam. 

That’s after we suspend disbelief on a story that is so full of holes it makes Swiss cheese look solid and adamantine. The tenor is so obviously agrarian that we have to wonder what happened to all the hunter-gatherer precedents? And what cultural or social structure the tale was crafted to combat? 

Enough. Let us leave it that the story is like Star Wars, a fable of good and evil that quite ignores which is which.