Out Takes

No falling. Dihydrogen oxide, that is. Almost pleasant in park. And trying a bit of variation in podcasts. Since it is the back side of week out and I have been receiving rather a bit of cartoons lately it seems meet to dispose of some.

First, this one [Link]

from Magnetic Inductance Flux. This one rather struck me as how almost all humans operate. But the second thing was that all the leading-up bad habits were things that we have “bought” into. They only hurt us if we let them by our bad practices. We don’t have to consume (unhealthy) process foods; we can minimize or negate their intake. But we don’t and thereby we become co-conspirators with the manufacturers and sellers. So the primary difference between these things and the furrin group is that we don’t have to cooperate. So does that justify response? Seems so, at least from Augustine’s point of view. Definitely a just war. 

I was rather taken by this one: [Link]

because its all about life. Life, so far as I can tell, is a chain of glitches. You get over most of them; some modify your existence; and eventually one of them kills you. But several intriguing questions are promised: if glitches are discrete, what are their mechanics?; and do they accumulate to a catastrophe and if so, what is its landscape? These are both maths questions so for those of you who think algebra is something never used after high schule, please calmly shut down your computer and run terrified – shrieking at the top of your lungs – out of your room and into the street where the constabulary can assist you to the nearest fool farm. 

The next: [Link]

struck me with the obvious association of puffed wheat cereal. I recall a period with all manner of commercials about the wheat being shot from guns, which was rather a conceit, which is what Halloween is these days. I have never consumed puffed wheat cereal although I did consume puffed rice cereal as a bairn, especially in the form of cookies formed of a mixture of margarine, marshmallow puff, and the cereal. This was the ’50’s after all when modern was more important than healthy – see the first cartoon – and probably the origin of most of our consumer habits today I have not consumed cereal since adolescence when Lactase ceased to be secreted by my corpus, which makes me the rare non-mutant in Amerikan society.

Lastly, this cartoon: [Link]

which is a classic of a bygone age but still captures the social and physiological reality of television. Selah. One cannot improve on this relative perfection.

Proceed forth to pseudo-shabbat services – or not – as one desires. Or not.