Return from Modality

Well, I survived the weekly – usually – expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Wasn’t all that bad. Turns out the schules were desessioned for autumn dissipation. What does one do on an autumn dissipation? Do parents take leave from employment and the family – in a loose sense – travel somewhere? And if so, where? The mad holiday (in the vacation sense) just before schule resessioning is traditionally a beach trip although since the Alibam Council of Thieves Legislators mandated that it was one’s duty and obligation to visit the state’s coast and enrich the whacked tourism “industry” I have noted a healthy sense of rebellion.

For that matter how can tourism be an industry? What do they manufacture? And if the visit is so rewarding why does it have to be mandated? Is this a case of the politicians’ lords and masters having money invested in these properties and they are failing and capitalists cannot be allowed to fail lest our culture be destroyed? And what does that say about Alibam culture?

Back when I was a child in public schule we had a desessioning this time of year. It was to permit the farm kids to stay at home and pick cotton. But as cotton faded away and machines to pick cotton because cheaper and more efficient than humans, that holiday went away. This makes it the opposite of a real holiday which is created to exalt some saint or savior and this one went away to exalt the passing of a capitalist dinosaur. For which matter, are capitalists the new dinosaurs? How can we have any progress without a marketplace? 

Anyway, the traffic was light in Huntsville and I was able to execute my planned activities efficiently – in the main. And I even had occasion, during and after, for cogitation.

I read somewhere, I am not sure where or by whom but I think A. Bertram Chandler, that ‘ethanol is a poor crutch but a pretty fair staff.’ It occurs to me that we have rather too many people in the old Confederacy for whom religionism is a crutch. And a goodly number of them are politicians. Or is that another politician prevarication? 

And it occurred last evening as FD SCP and I were semi-watching the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver – me dividing attention to read a new book on the history of the scientific revolution and she to nap – that the best boggish metaphor for the multiverse is New Yawk City constabulary programs. By my count there are eight or ten different multiverses of the New Yawk Police Department on the eyebox. Which is probably a richer demonstration than any physicist could come up with, even on controlled substances that whack the mind. 

Selah. I have need of attending to my appearance this day in fulfillment of the guidance of FD SCP.