Jock Itch

Being an alumnus of the campus of the Black Warrior and the campus of the Boneyard, both colleges with spectator sports, I find myself in a bit of a quandary over the recent decision by the Yankee government that college football (American heresy) players can unionize.

The first order, proper disrespect response is a resounding approval. But my second thought is what happens now that the fiction of college jocks actually getting an education is declared null and void? Does this mean the end of college spectator sports? Or does it mean that the players are now employees of the college and are held to higher standards than the students are?

I have not subscribed to the fiction that college jocks are actually students. The same goes at the campus of the Black Warrior for most Greeks as well, some of whom are also jocks. But the fiction has resulted in a system that works, albeit poorly, and now it seems that the system has to collapse or change.

The obvious change is to eliminate all but intramural athletics. That way the whole pay-to-play aspect goes away. And while some revenue is lost much of it is evened out by the dissolution of the costs of coaches, scholarships (sic,) and other instrumentality. And by the way, education may actually benefit. Those who come to college to party can just skip college and go directly to professional fanaticism and college will be left for the people who actually want to learn stuff. And the few who want an education.

Not going to happen. Sadly. That little bit of “profit” is too inviting. Especially to the politicians who can slight their educational responsibilities by claiming the funds come from spectator sports. So instead the money is going to be diverted from education to paying jocks who aren’t students to pretend to be students and play. So education loses. And the nation loses.

I fear that the Yankee government has really sabotaged what is left of the college system in Amerika. That may be a good thing. Waiting Is.

I also have a bit of a bleeding heart conflict. I read an article about TOMS shoes yesterday. Seems it is closely related to the campus of the Black Warrior. It’s also a BOGOG – Buy One Get One Given – business. And as much as I admire that, it suffers from a common problem of show companies. It doesn’t make my shoe width.

I feel cheated. Doubly.

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