Moral Prevarication

Somewhat belatedly, I noticed over weekend that the CVS drugstore chain has announced they will cease to purvey tobacco. What makes this noteworthy is that this is proclaimed as a morality matter. Which is intriguing since organizations not only don’t have morals, they almost always also don’t have ethics.

The reason given for this withdrawal from the marketplace is that tobacco causes all manner of diseases. So far, accurate. But if they are ceasing to sell tobacco because it causes diseases that kill humans, why are they continuing to sell foodstuffs that are laden with salt, fats, and other ingredients that cause diseases like obesity and heart disease and such? Have they decided these are not fatal or are morally (?) acceptable diseases? And what about homeopathic remedies that don’t cure any diseases? How can they justify such morally since they have discontinued selling tobacco on a moral basis?

I rather suspect that the profit of tobacco is marginal to their business and the demographic askew to their business model. In effect, they don’t want to sell tobacco because it doesn’t make them enough money and the people who buy tobacco don’t spend enough overall in their stores. Which is obviously a quite moral basis of decision. Not enough profit and the wrong clientele has always been fundamental to Amerikan social morality as reasons for exclusion, persecution, and abuse.

Isn’t it nice to know that greed and evil are still rampant among Amerikan corporations?


Displeasure of Winter

Back into the meat locker last night after a prolonged liquid dihydrogen oxygen precipitation. In anticipation of the event I dripped but semi-controlled my ramblings to hourly inspect faucets because FD SCP and I are albatross necked with the grand dogs. It is very hard to observe the positive side of Saint Valentine’s holy day if the rug rats won’t let you. So I only missed a few hours of sleep instead of a whole night.

I have been studiously trying to avoid the olympic nonsense but the media seems intent on intruding with drivel as well as nonsense and trivia. I feel rather like a prisoner incarcerated in a lower dungeon that is also used as a holding tank for fecal matter and used motor oil. If these people want to waste their lives on silly athletic competitions, that is their right but pray don’t waste my time and attention span (and wasted creativity) by spectating their antics and anguish. About all you engender in me with your efforts is a regret that said anguish isn’t an energy source. I can honestly say watching the congress in session is more entertaining than these silly competitions.

I shall maintain my dignity and not make comments on the pornographic aspects of the programming.

I did finally get to venture out yesterday and found that the roads were relatively clear except for blown and melted snow. And, of course, the obligatory suicidal Alibam drivers who seem intent on creating as large a wreck as possible. For once we can be thankful for the insecurity of Alibam politicians who witnessed the self-destruction of so many Gawjah politicians last week. Perhaps they need to take lessons from the politicians of New Joisey?

We are now halfway through February and so far it has essentially been a wasted month. Far gone are the carefree days of gripingly dripping faucets overnight between hectic commutes. Nowadays it is a multiday fest of inactivity and too little sensual challenge. Whatever happened to the sunny Sowth? The only people who have profited this month are the grocery stores. Even the guvnuh, aka the state dermatologist, has been criticized for spending too much money doing a decent job of road and power support, and despite the fact that the expenditure was more than made up by the additional taxes paid on bread, milk, and ethanol. If you can’t adapt to conditions, deny them with drugs!

And I dread to experience whatever revenge summer exacts this year. I can only hope it fries the communication circuitry of denialists Repulsians and leaves their Hamian nonsense stillborn.

Dislike of Winter 3

Gad! Bordering on hatred! Rained all yesterday morning, effectively eradicating the snow and generally making travel possible. Not that I issued out. Then mid-afternoon the snow began and after I retired it acted down horribly.

About 2330 the electron flow ceased. FD SCP and I immediately fired up alternate heat sources and engaged drips. And I was up every hour to inspect. And then about 0430 this morning the electron flow was re-established.

I am thankful for the dedication and skills of the linesmen of the Arab Electron Uncooperative. Their management may be reactionary and antediluvian but the workers themselves were excellent this morning.

I anticipate no soon exitance of Castellum SCP. The depth of snow is sufficient that I have no intention of measuring it directly.  So FD SCP and I face another day of bunkering. And I suspect the decrease in temperature tonight will obliterate at least some of tomorrow’s freedom.

But those linesmen are worthy of praise.

Dislike of Winter 2

Another morning in bunker mode. Waiting for the rain to turn to stercus. But it does give an insight into family annihilation. No wonder people up Nawth learn how to go outside and abuse themselves.

Speaking of which another night without the olympics. Even the evening news – national – is uninteresting and unengaging. I am not sure how a Southron really cares about any sport played on solid dihydrogen oxide. I have scant interest in any sport, especially spectator ones. But somehow I don’t consider stationary bicycle riding a sport. Perhaps a lack of competitiveness? Naaah! They’re just flat BORING!

It’s got to be a bog thing that a few geeks can’t shake off. Some sort of genetic affliction associated with low mental capability? Having listened to the SCIENCE podcast this morning about how Autism is started in the embryo or during birth one has to wonder what marvel of modern medical practice is causing this? Is anyone actually looking to fix the problem or is this some conspiracy to make bogs look good?


Dislike of Winter

The weather beavers have struck again. Somewhen after 0300 the sky began to drop solid dihydrogen oxide and it is very nasty. Had to stay here and skip gym. Makes for nasty mood. And it looks to last a couple of days at least. And the weather beavers have mangled the predictions yet again!

Grump. Grump. Grump. Spent yesterday doing medicalist things so I am ready for a bit of liberty and now I get to bunker in and estivate. At least the heat is still moderate, at least till tomorrow. Maybe. If the weather beavers are accurate. Which they haven’t been.

I can only hope that the roads get choked with climate change denialist Repulsians and they destroy each other in slippery bumpers. Just not on my street. Knowing their penchant for inaccuracy my house will probably get punctured.

Internet Value 4

Another middling night, above the phase change temperature, and hence this morning to ablutions and the bicycle. Now back to the internet.

I am not sure there is much left. In its original form, the internet was supposed to be a means of communication and data exchange among creative STEMs. That, of course, is a minor positive in that there are other ways of doing the same. Admittedly there is a convenience to email and file transfers that makes that minor positive rock solid.

Sadly however, the internet has been corrupted with so many unSTEM, uncreative people that it is almost impossible to move STEM data about any more, so that minor positive has been largely eroded by kitsch and gibble. I suppose that if one evicted all those parasites then the utility of the internet could be restored but I suspect that is an idealistic pipe dream that sublimates in the fierce glare of actuality and irreversible social thermodynamics.

In that illumination, it is clear that the internet lacks any real value. Sadly, it will not dissolve away but continue as the money leech of capitalist oligarchs and those who would destroy the species for a profit, the kind of people Stalin talked about who sold rope. And in this context the efforts of FOSS and EFF and such like are nothing more than speed bumps on the road to extinction. But it is notable that lemmings to not discorporate in place but run great distances before plunging.