A State of Evil?

The peopling of the Americas has always been a fractal of mysteries. A great part of the mystery is embedded in current societies. As a nerd, I find the objections of descendants of earleir emigrants to science to be obstructionist and mystically petty. Hence I was surprised and pleased with the “news” of DNA sequencing of a human of Clovis culture.

The results are, as often are, emotionally charged and mixed. Yes, current Amerindians are descendants of the Clovis people, but the Clovis people are themselves related to humans who dwelt in central europe. So yes, the remains are an ancestor but current Amerindians are also the same humanity as the hater “white” man.

I have to admit that I am continually puzzled by all this “race” grrr brrr. As a child growing up I was exposed to the whole spectrum of old confederacy prejudice towards those who are not (adequately) “white”. I vividly recall the paired drinking fountains in the Woolworth’s downtown and the striking differences in the school environments. But I also recall noting that (a) the whole idea of difference was specious and just plain garbage, and (b) that if I wasn’t careful to hide that attitude I would be injured or killed by those who did not perceive as I did.

When I got to college I was pleased to learn that the whole concept of “race” is absent any substantive scientific validity, but this did not improve my understanding of the concept, especially as it changed from being righteous to sinful. I use that terminology carefully because the whole “race” rhetoric seemed to have some religionist context; it could only be used in a pronouncitive, derogatory fashion, immenable to discussion or analysis. “Race” was bad, never mind that we don’t know what it is or that it is specious, I have decided you are “racist” and therefore BAD.

I realize this is not unusual among bogs. They consistently do things based on an absence or actual contradiction of data. It is, sadly, in the nature of bogs to do so. I see no way to alter that situation short of extinguishing all bogs and since that means extinguishing the species, not an action to be entertained. And sadly, it seems that such attitudes are also anti-science and themselves apparently contributing to the extinction of the species. So not only is the concept of “race” outside of comprehension, it is also detrimental. Simply put, whether righteous or sinful, “race” as a meme has a negative effect on humans.

And we still don’t know what it is.