Ineptitude Humor

Social media is all abuzz about the committment of Remington to bring a manufacturing facility to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. The reactions are either resoundingly positive or resoundingly anti-gun. My reaction is suppressed laughter.

The laughter is at the humor of the situation, how a community founded on engineering excellence has degraded itself into rot and ruin. In days previous the Huntsville community, which styled itself the “Rocker City”, built rockets that took humans to Luna (and back!) and missiles whose probability of kill given a hit (Pk|h) was 0.8 or greater by design.

Now they are giving great effort and voi9ce to a company the manufactures weapons – firearms – whose Pk|h is in the range of 1E-03 to 1E-06. Way, three to six ORDERS FOF MAGNITUDE less lethal. And the Huntsville community is excited to have such ineffective weapons manufactured there?

Perhaps they should change their stylization to “Maiming Capital of Tellus” since that’s what firearms are good for. Their Pm|h is about 0.5 or so.

And that’s why I am laughing.