Hiding in a Crowd

The weather beavers are making noise again. Another spate of inadequate heat looms.

Meanwhile the gym was relatively quiet with only a few obnoxious weight bouncers – yes, Qadgop, there are weight bouncers who are not obnoxious – and no educationalists this morning. The podcast episodes – science, as usual for Two Day – were unremarkable. This seems to be a reflection of the post-holiday season blahs. And there was rain as well. Not that I dislike winter rain. So long as it is raining there is adequate heat.

Speaking of adequate heat, one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, forwarded me a link [Link] about how some English computer security organization judged Ubuntu 12.04 a more secure OS than Winders nor AppleOS. Also than Android but then wet tissue paper on a comb is more secure than Android.

Canonical reacted in their usual whiney fashion of saying the assessment wasn’t good enough. Does the jerkness completely pervade the organization and is just concentrated in Shuttleworth? I note with some satisfaction that it was the LTS that got the nod and not the latest slabOS watered poorly as a boxOS that snagged the recognition. But I don’t expect that distinction to cross Canonical’s ego barrier.

In this day, with all the nonsense of credit hacking and the death of passwords and AV, it is heartening to know that there is something that offers some modicum of security. Even if the vast majority of humanity lacks the neuron excitation to avail themselves of it  Of course there is a certain advantage to living amidst a general population of easy kills. Predators tend to seek them out first.

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