North Poo

The Floridas are looking much more appealing. Even with the global warming that my Repulsian colleagues deny and – apparently – deliberate confuse weather with climate to confuse. I keep forgetting how much stress there is in making sure faucets are dripping.

Speaking of the foibles of nature, I noted [Link] some Czech work that indicates that dogs defecate North facing. My first reaction to this was a bit of amazement. How long have dogs been uplifting humans? It’s at least of order 15 KY and we are just now noting that they poop towards Santa? Of course, we really had to wait till we developed the compass, or at least enough astronomy to know the pole star is Nawth, so say, a few thousand years. And we have been oblivious to this? Has to make us wonder if we deserve dogs after all.

And along the same lines I ran across an article [Link] on Gooey Spectacles. This was different, at least to me, in that it talked rather well about the disassociation effect of wearing these spectacles. I hadn’t thought about that aspect but it was pretty obvious; what I really hadn’t considered was the use of the spectacles to access the internet while one is meandering about one’s daily.

I am fairly negative on spectacles, based largely on the recording capability. Beyond “do I want my daily recorded?” is “is my daily worth the cost of the storage?” I am not a picture taking individual. Part of that comes from growing up in the film era with all the grrr brrr that goes with the picture taking process, and part is crediting the theory that one remembers better if one doesn’t photograph. Of course, if one doesn’t photograph one can’t ever refresh memory. But even though I tried to acclimate myself to photography I have never become a person who autonomously takes pictures. Perhaps it has to do with my low photographic self-image?

Anyway, I had largely ignored the “use Gooey Spectacles to interrogate the Internet” thing. I carry about a “smart” (hideous misuse of the word) cellular telephone and effectively never interrogate the Internet with it.I don’t really count eMail and texting, of course. But I don’t think I want to use the spectacles to do those things either. I have to balance myself against some rigidity – a wall or in a chair – to use my cellular telephone and not risk falling down. Not that old, just clumsy. You’ve heard the old saw about walking and chewing gum? I gave up gum as an adolescent.

In a way I like the display idea. The limitation on portable computers has always been I/O. But that’s what the spectacles aren’t enough. They only handle O well, not I. And talking to them, with my bastardized accent, isn’t workable.

But something is needed. Winter proves that. The rest of the year I can carry my cellular telephone on my belt in a holster and access it. Come winter I can’t get there so I am confronted with the dilemma of ignoring communications, breaking my body (and the motorcar if I am driving,) or carrying the minislab about in my hand, as if I didn’t have other gear to tote? But adding to my face burden? Not likely. I already wear glasses to see what I wouldn’t with spectacles, at least according to this author. And I don’t want you to take away my ORF watch either. I use it more than the telephone to know when I am.

How about we put the spectacles on a dog who accompanies me? That way I don’t get lost, have good companionship, and don’t get disassociated.

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