Season Failure

C’est Brrrrrrrrrrrr! this morning. Of course it was yesterday as well. But my browser tells me it is 30 degF in Greater Metropolitan Arab and that jibes well with my aft porch thermometer. I slept in, until almost 0430, and made do with a spin on my stationary bicycle here at home as the gym is closed for this fake holiday. But I have already roused and groused on that once this week so I shall beat the horse no more. The weather beavers are now foretelling winter in dire earnest and I am not ready. FD SCP gave me a nice ear shield appliance this season and it helps but my ear canals still hurt from the wind. And I shiver for long periods. Even indoors. But at least I now understand why so many ORFs move to the Floridas.

But the season of winter holiday is about over. Last night was the climax and it was a paltry one. I heard relatively few explosions so the local thugs had something else to do than ignite pyrotechnics. Not that I mind the occasional firework, at least compared to the noise of one of the high schule football games. Especially when the band plays. I find my tolerance for such distonality has eroded from my own days of youth.

But with the completion of the season, and the only thing I noticed dropping last evening was myself into bed, I have great hopes of returning to some semblance of modal behavior. Never mind that the absence of heat will not set in with a vengeance and after that tornadoes and after that heat and after than pollen and after that ……. Still, it will mean that interactions with relatives will settle back down the a blissful occasionality absent the strident stress of the perceived and misconceived necessity of family behavior at holiday time when we never exhibit that behavior at any time. I once had a professor tell me that friends were more important than family and neighbors because we got the pick our friends but not the other two. I note with some relief that the GEN Y seem to have made this a tenet of their society although it does cause me some distress from the whining of my unengaged family.

It is claimed this is one more sign of the rot of Amerikan society. It certainly raises terror and manic bleating from the zealots of christianity. I am not so sure. I consider it one more symptom of the evolution of society. Another that I ran across this week was an article [Link] about how Amerika is failing at internet. I cannot say that this surprises. Any society that wants to abandon its democracy for a capitalist oligarchy is clearly in retreat, and any advance will have to wait for serf descendants to reassert their independence.

Independence is in short supply these days. If anything it is discouraged actively when it is not cruelly punished. Society seems intent on making ants of us and this makes me rather happy to be an ORF. I should not want to live long in a society where nebbishism is the preferred state and communism is enforced on the serfs. I am too old and ill inclined to be a revolutionary and that is what is needed these days in a last gasp of individuality before sameness and grits become the national milieu.

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