Winter of Dis-content

New Year’s Eve and we have reached a part of the year I roundly detest. I refer to the practice by news organizations to present a synthesis of the news of the year in the form of lists of the “best” or “top” something. These are invariably NOT the things that interested me during the year. For example, I noted this in the Arab Tribune this weekend. The list was compiled by a committee of “media” people. How incestuous can one get? Worse than Neandertals!

I also perused the TIME magazine year in review issue. I am proud and happy to report that of the ten “top” books of the year, songs of the year, and movies of the year, I have read, listened to, watched, NONE. I am proud because it has been my experience that TIME is incapable of assessing a book/song/movie at all accurately. In fact, they are contrary, in the Amerindian sense. If they tell me something is the worst of something, it will invariably be quite good and better than anything on their “best” list.

I could attribute this variance to the general and deep incompetence of media people to actually do well, but that is actually about the information in their media, not the topics per se. They also do an abysmal job of picking thing that are “interesting” – Yes, I did use the “I” word but it’s to do with others – and what they do pick they present in such a way as to minimize the information included. But they put in a lot of Extro, Emo stercus. In fact they might more accurately be called stercusists rather than journalists.

The day portends to drip and seep with this garbage, like an old car with rotting seals and way too old lubricant. Perhaps that is a metaphor of their organizations? At any rate, I look forward to today and tomorrow being intellectual wastelands of mental kitsch and vicarious perversion. Perhaps diluted with a bit of ethanol or even medical maryjane? Seems likely, and quite justified given the torture of this mental torture.

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