Temporary Restoration

Back to gym! What a relief. I ache all over, but in a GOOD way. Not like I ached all week out from absence of activity. But this week still portends to be a less nasty version of last week. Gad!, I do hate this holiday season.

And after listening to television holy men and even motorcar salesmen announcing that the season is “all about” Joshua ben Joseph bar David I have to conjecture that the reason for the misery is the falseness of all this. First of all, the season isn’t just about the christianist messiah. There are [plenty of other religionist associations with the season. Why, even the solstice has some religionist association what with the shortest day of the year and the promise that Tellus won’t end up a frozen orb. Not that it doesn’t seem to deserve it sometimes, given the mess that we humans seem to keep making of it.

And the best the historians can come up with is that Joshua’s actual birthday falls in March and the winter holy day thing is a organizational ploy to steal solstice from the opposition. But you can’t discuss such things with the average christianist. Most don’t know; think the date is some revelation; and would probably do violence if the subject were brought up. In fact, I’ve only known two the matter could be discussed with; both were ministers and wise: the first had given up the ministry to be a philosopher (shades of Avorrhes?); and the second was just plain wise. And maybe a bit holy.

But at least there is some sense to the theft. The holiday this week – New Year – is completely arbitrary, an artifact of the calendar. Which is probably why there isn’t much violence and arguing about it. Also not much attention from this sector except to bemoan that the lazy shlubs at the gym will be goofing off on Woden’s day.

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