Delivery of Disaster

The weather beavers are making low temperature noises again. I suppose that goes with winter. But I do not particularly have to like it. I like it better than summer. Heat cannot be avoided. Absence of heat is relatively easily filled. Except around unshielded dihydrogen oxide pipes. Preventing phase change requires work. And I do dislike imposed work.

It is the end of week out and halfway through the winter solstice holiday season. And I am about exhausted and beaten down by it all. At least this second week is less stiffing than the first. At least I hope for such given previous experience. There are too many “at least”s this time of year.

FD SCP got a UPS delivery on Freya’s day and I have been contemplating further the grrr brrr over late packages. Not what I commented on previously, but something that derives. It now looks quite likely the internet will be shackled by the localized greed of politicians and their capitalist masters. Tax will be broadly collected; small businesses will become less viable and many will disappear. And the continuation of internet commerce will depend in large part on no-apparent-cost delivery. I rather doubt that Joe and Jane Bog will purchase on-line in quantity if they have to pay both taxes and delivery even if the total is less than in overpriced brick and mortar like MalWart and such.

I see this phenomena here in Greater Metropolitan Arab every day. The merchants natter about the loss of customers, ignoring their high prices and the lower prices of the internet. The local politicians bemoan the loss of taxes – how can one lose taxes on unspent money? – and raise the rate to fill their insatiety for a period. And the local consumers do more business in Huntsville or, more commonly, on line. I see more UPS vans than police cruisers here in Greater Metropolitan Arab.

I am bemused, nay, bewildered, by the absence of understanding and what I can only curse as stupidity. Scant wonder that the Yankee republic is fast falling into third world state given its absence of sense and intelligence. And no change portends in the new year except an intensification.

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