Heady Stuff

Forget the Grinch, this year it is the Weather Beavers who are spoiling the holiday week. The last thing I want to do around Newtonmas is drip faucets. And the Target breech. How’s that for a snapshot of how we have corporate slavery?

My browser tells me 42 degF in Greater Metropolitan Arab and that may be about as good as the day gets. And this is supposed to be a good day in the week. At least the gym was sparse this morning. It was abundantly clear that schule was desessioned. No educationalists that I could find. The weight bouncers seemed to be bemused by this with their numbers reduced and all of their vocalizations limited to grunting, which was actually an intellectual improvement over the blather emitted by the educationalists. No wonder they lay claim to so many communities’ intellectual leadership – classic insecurity.

On a more joyous side, the Yankee congress has told the DoD that the country needs a “cyber militia”, which evidently is some sort of boondoggle for the air corps guard.[Link] I keep thinking of all those rich kids who hid in the air corps guard during Vietnam and all the poor kids who got sent to be infantrymen and airmen on site. There is probably a sort of sense of putting these cyber militia in the air corps since the army would have no idea how to recruit nor staff nor train. Which is the ideal place for rich kids avoiding some responsibility. But I have to give some thought to how the various state governors can use these militia during national disasters. Does the governor shopping at Target early in December qualify as grounds to deploy the state’s cyber militia?

I also see that academics at U Pennsylvania – somehow that makes sense – have suggested that the actual reason hunter-gatherers adopted stationary agriculture was to make beer.[Link] And here I thought it was because they got tired of wandering and never having nice things and wanted to be Burnsians and collect gear. Why is it to have great camping gear you can’t be year-round campers? The World Wonders.

Anyway, it seems a reasonable conjecture – maybe hypothesis? – that certainly upholds the food shortage idea. Or at least in this case, ethanol shortage. After all, only a few fruit actually ferment naturally and they tend to be ground droppers and hard to come by. So giving up nomadism to drink beer seems eminently good. I think the founding grandfather would approve since he claimed beer was proof the the deity’s love, probably the only “proof” of the deity’s existence that has ever been credible and not required pre-agreement.

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