Modern Failure

End of week out. Gad, this has been a dreary weekend with the threat of the holidays hanging over us. Yesterday was Winter Solstice and that at least offered a bit of encouragement and jollity. It rained much of the night and is doing so now. The radar map indicates the line of storm has about moved through, which indicates that the weather beavers were off on their predicted timing and that we have perhaps another hour of dihydrogen oxide fall to get through.

Speaking of fall, I ran across an article [Link] about a schule system that had had a disastrous experience with eTextBooks. The system is Irish although I am inclined to doubt that is a major factor. The nature of eBooks is also not apparently a factor. What does seem to be the difficulty is HP’s fall from competency and the nature of the product, which runs Winders Ate. I suspect that is enough said although I will comment I just bought a new calculator from HP and will comment  on it in due course. I shall also defer any comments about the nature of eTextBooks and my outlook on them. For now this is merely data.

Next an article [Link] from Kent State U not involving firearms but cellular telephones. It seems that the amount of usage of cellular telephones correlates negatively with grades and (some measure of) happiness and positively with (some measure of) stress. I myself find myself noting for the leventy-leventh time to instill the habit of automatically putting my cellular telephone in silent mode whenever I am  with other people or (more importantly?) doing brain work. I have to attest that I find my cellular telephone quite stressful. For a computer (?) it is extremely wayward and has a tendency to misbehave at least two orders of magnitude greater than ALL my other computers combined. Somewhere along the line we have departed too far from the paradigm that a telephone should first and foremost be for telephony. And yes, I do realize I lost all the GEN Ys in indignation then. Which rather demonstrates the validity of my point.

The next article [Link] falls into the category of being mildly amusing because of the asininity of the journalist. The article is about how the National Archives accepts input for the Yankee government’s Federal Register. Seems they find 3.5 inch “floppy” disks amusing for some reason. I am once more impressed however, with an instance of practicality on the part of the Yankee government. Given that the text of most entries is less than a megabyte and the 3.5 inch disk is self-containerized, its use seems eminently efficient and economical when compared to either a CD or a USB stick. But then I suppose the newpapr has a vested interest in poking fun at the national governance.

And lastly, an article [Link] on why GEN Ys are not entering politics. I was particularly taken by a quotation:

“Our political system as a whole is actually pushing away the people we would actually like to see running for office—people who could actually help us solve problems that we have—and instead attracting those that are more self-serving, who are more interested in power, and not as interested in doing good,”

rather the best summary of the rot that has become our elected officials. I find this very hopeful. It may help to preserve democracy and protect us from tyranny. Even if the GEN Ys are still alienated.

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