Human Sadness

It’s back edge of week out, false shabbat. Time to clean out a few tabs. And occupy ourselves betwwen the last storm and the next; portent of things to come with climate in Amerika. What a time for government to be ineffectual and incompetent. Blatantly!

Speaking of blatant, researchers at U Pennsylvania have measurements that supposedly indicate functional differences between the brains of men and women. [Link]

‘The results showed fundamental sex differences in the architecture of the human brain. Male brains facilitate connectivity between perception and co-ordinated action, whereas female brains facilitate communication between analytical and intuitive processing modes.’

This would seem to confirm the traditional (?) hunter-gatherer differentiation. And I suppose we also now need to hunker down from the storm from feminists? Also explains why my attempts to communicate with FD SCP are always so whacked. As is usually the case, I am being held to a standard that is orthogonal to actuality and capability.

I ain’t gonna carry this any further. Persecution by government fascists and such is minor compared to the scorn of women.

In a related matter, investigations at a site in Spain have indicated that early European humans were diverse, in a species sense, and fabulously miscegenetic. [Link] So perhaps early man really was idyllic? At least until primitive homo sapiens happened on the block? Or is that why they came up from Africa? Club Euro? And what does this have to do with incest taboo? It has to come from some harsh conditioning to be so innate.

Next, back to U Pennsylvania, it seems that those Massive On-line Open Courses (?) are hideously leaky. Living in a barnacle level conservative state I should be tempted to say it is the “free” aspect but my nerd sense indicates that is rather too establishmentarian capitalist slime mold. Anyway, something like half of the folks who register bother to attend any lectures and only a small fraction, examples cited ranged 0.02 to 0.13, finished the course. The latter variance may be attributed, preliminarily, to instructor charisma and ability, I should tihink.

This is not surprising. MOOCs seem rather more attractive in the ideal than in the specific, in which regard they are consistent with college in general. The idea of doing things with minimum friction is always attractive but once the hidden friction is evident, motion decreases. I have looked at MOOCs, they are widely promulgated and upon examination equally widely numbingly boring. I have yet to find a course I want to sign up for. Most are so unappealing that I would rather purchase a book and educate myself. And the few – VERY few – STEM courses are particularly mind numbing in terms of subject matter and precis. Whatever happened to “introduction to normed and vector spaces” or “principles of chemical composition”? But when I consult college catalogs I find that the human presence, traditional (?) courses are as lamely and insipidly named and planned. Am I that much a product of my youth or has college really become as boring as high schule? If so, no wonder all the students want to do is party and endure for a certificate. And know nothing upon graduation.

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