This is supposed to be a season of thanksgiving and such like. And while there are thanks I am quite thankful of – but would not be understood by extrovertist bogs – there are a couple of things that I would be thankful if they went away. And both have to do especially with FaceScroll.

First, I should be very thankful if vicarious athletics fanatics who are nekulturny would vanish. Or at least be silent and invisible. And odorless. Chemically and emotionally and socially. It should be very nice if these people did not reproduce, but that is rather more than can be expected. The recent Aluminum-Gold football game brought this all out in plain sight in horrendous magnitude. Yawn! I also shan’t ask for a ban on any form of athletics that permits watchers. But I can ask that the noisy nasties be closeted in their obnoxiousness.

Second, I should be very thankful if other people would follow Mr. Jefferson’s guidance, “not troubling me with their (religionist) beliefs if I don’t burden them with mine.” Again, I don’t hope for you to give up on this, I only hope that you can display a bit of decency and be silent. The season brings these folks out to brag about how their organization stole the holiday from the barbarians. Well, remember that there are still barbarians and you should share the holiday since it is way overloaded. And not just with your prejudices beliefs.

And third, I should be thankful if people of FaceScroll could exercise some restraint in these matters. I have given up on good grammar; too many bogs. But this extrovertist religionist footballist eye-spam is too nasty. Please take it to Gooey+ where people with the same manners as you will discuss it with you. 

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