Filling the Hole

Missed yesterday. Bit of a chaotic situation. Aftermath of the holiday, I suppose, plus FD SCP having to do some medicalist things. Anyway, not modal. This morning may be closer. Gym was happily sparse and the weight bouncers avoidable. And the podcasts were a bit grating. I bailed partway through the coverage of the Ignobels, mostly because of a dystemper for sophomoric humor. Still like the program, in both senses, so may go back and listen if I get the inclination. Also the obligatory Thanksgiving but that was muddles and unhelpful. But at least fairly cheerful.

The good news is that the boffins at CERN have observed the decay of a Higgs boson. [Link] Into elementary Fermions called taus! This strikes me as exciting because it has some intriguing potentialities for induced mass. Mass has always been rather muddish. At least in understanding. We know all matter of stuff thanks to lots of research but we still don’t know rather fundamental things like the interplay of gravity and inertia as mediated by mass. Could that be its purpose in the grand scheme of things? Or is there a grand scheme? Is that too religionist? Perhaps.

And is mass indistinguishable from matter? Or the reverse? And did I let FD SCP freeze the leftover turkey too soon?

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