Failure of Purpose

I am not sure what color today is named. Or why we have to have colors for days. Don’t they have enough color in themselves? And if friday is black then does thanksgiving now become gray thursday? And tomorrow is cyber monday. What color is cyber? And are we going to be afflicted by colors given improper names like duck or dust? It seems acceptable to name a fruit after a color although that doesn’t give the word any rhyming relationships, and is that worthy of any consideration at all?

Yesterday was a bit dismal. FD SCP was off rescuing children and I managed to almost ignore the Aluminum-Gold game except for a brief interval after she returned home. I gather the end game was very Hollywood. But I hold no hope that any of this will benefit the quality of education in Alibam. More likely the opposite.

I commented yesterday on the amusing nature of violence in MalWart. Then later I saw an article [Link] about some foodery in Seattle evicting the wearer – a fellow whose name I was supposed to recognize but happily didn’t; one of the nice things about being an ORF is that one is permitted to not know the names of false celebrities and other societal atherosclerosis – for wearing Gooey Goggles. Rightfully, I should say, recognizing that such is an invasion of privacy of others and righteous invasion of such is the province of the Yankee government and other insecure, oppressive organizations.

I have my doubts that this attitude will endure. It is too overhead intensive. Especially since the Yankee government does not permit us to squash wireless connectivity on private ground. I understand leakage and such but I still regard this as a form of tyranny. It negates the rules for property. If I can put up a roof to block insolation than I should be able to block wireless signals.

Next, along that azimuth, I saw an article [Link] that was an interview with the head of the Linux Foundation who claims that Linux is safer than other OS because it is Open Source. And then he wandered off on things that may be interesting to bogs but not to nerds. If that is what the Linux Foundation is all about I am not surprised he is a false celebrity.

It did however, lead me to consider what happens if Linux is adopted by a large number of bogs. The answer, most likely, is that it will collapse. Linux – Open Source SW – exists because it is an intensely nerdish/geekish environment where nerds/geeks can be natural without the overhead of boggish nonsense. And if people like Shuttleworth are successful in attracting bogs in great numbers, especially when MegaHard crashes – hard – then it will destroy Linux as well. The support population – the unpaid volunteers – is already guttering at Canonical. Who wants to work for liars, cheats, and scoundrels? Well, obviously congressional aides and staffers, but that is beside the point. Which is that Linux is being destroyed from within by sociopaths pretending to be pioneers.

The question is, is this one more indication that electronics has become uninventive. Just another manufactured commodity, like motorcars? I fear so.

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