Neandertals ain’t Humans

Better this morning. Rained all night and that made sure the temperature was just mildly brrrrrr this morning. But the weather beavers are now foretelling two drip nights in a row on the sides of the Religionist fanatic holiday. The gym was blessedly sparse and should be more so tomorrow. The podcasts were the usual science ones and generally unmentionable other that two by Abe Flato: one on eating tree nuts; and the other on the Kennedy assassination shooting. I understand the latter is already unpopular for debunking conspiracy mumblage. What is it about humans that they have to have conspiracies. What is it about journalists that competence is so rare?

On which note, I came across a Discovery article [Link] that is about projectile points antedating “humans”. By humans they seem to mean homo sapiens, but none of the other geni. This is the purest of stercus, a total ignorance of what the taxonomy means. So why did they do it? Is there some reason we can’t admit that predecessors invented the projectile point? After all it is a pretty easy extension from the hand axe/blade to a PP. Could this be some form of sapiens arrogance. Perhaps even religionism?

But what it clearly is, is rather abysmal journalism. That is amplified by the site not permitting comments. Yes, there’s a comment section but its machinery doesn’t work. You can write all the comment you want but can’t post.

I have to wonder if this is why Discovery channel is itself such a collection of stercus? Or just a symptom?

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