Mutual Abandoning

It seems somehow fitting to maunder about this on All Hallows’ Eve. The subject has much to do with spirits.

I should preface by noting that many “primitive” peoples bind their children’s heads to boards – usually pne per each – to produce a flattened skull and forehead post infancy. The practice has differing purposes. In some societies it serves to differentiate uppers from lowers. In others it displays some perverted sort of superstitious piety.

A similar effect can be achieved by repeatedly banging one’s head against a firm vertical surface.


I have empirical data on the latter.


The leading edge of this is that I have abandoned, somewhat, Ubuntu. This is not without reflection nor cognition nor sorrow. Ubuntu was the Linux distribution I settled on when I first had the opportunity to throw off the chains of Winders and become free. Using any OS involves a certain trust being invested in the organization that produces that OS. The personalities of those organizations vary somewhat. MegaHard treats its users feudally while Apple is more like a Mississippi cotton plantation prior to the Recent Unpleasantness. Only Linux had a robust interaction between users and organization.


It is not unusual for organizations to violate their members’ trust. That is in the nature of organizations. Indeed, we have grown unsurprised with the Yankee government violating our citizenly trust. But we are not used to such in the Linux community.


But Canonical has being doing so repeatedly and has reached my breaking point. First it switched the buttons to the left side. Then it introduced Unity and removed my ability to do work. And abandoned member interaction and community projects. All for the goal of a common interface on all devices. Regardless of how they should be used.


Rather makes Napoleon look like a micromaniac.


I had already reduced my usage to LTS releases. And replaced Unity wth an independent install of KDE. And even then Unity crept in and messed things up. KDE crashed with a mean of once per day. And there were minor annoyances, like having to reset the permissions on the slave HD every day.


And then last week they pushed out an update that rendered the OS unbootable. And beyond my capacity to repair.


So I shifted to Kubuntu. And it works much better. KDE only crashed when I run some alien client, and not always then. ANd much less frequent than day^-1.


but I still have to reset the drive permissions daily, so that must be a kernel issue. So I take that one off the Canonical damnation list. But it is already too long. And I am looking further for another distribution. That isn’t dependent on megalomania.

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