Fear the Answer

This is mightily strange weather. At least from the standpoint of my aches and pains, mostly sinus. But I did run across another cartoon: [Link]

that struck home with my own gripage. I have enormous problems with many of the security questions associated with certain accounts, especially the ones that ask for a favorite something. Why do I have to have a favorite something? And how do I answer the question meaningfully?

The Yankee army is by far the worst with all this. They not only ask security questions that have no answer, but they change the questions without warning so if you do need to answer questions for access there is a high probability that you will never have seen the question before.

But I find these sorts of things a security risk. Since many of the questions have no answer, but are required, I end up making a list of the questions and answers that I keep stored in various places so that I can recover my made-up answer to an unanswerable question.

I also dislike them asking questions that have answers that I cannot remember. I do not remember the name of my first dog. It has gotten lost in the years. And who makes up these questions? Can we have them jailed?

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