Pretend Professionals

Somehow I managed to survive yesterday and get into week out. Not that it was particularly harrowing other than on-going sinus-Eustachian tube wonkyness that gives all sorts of transient, impulsive aches. There is also the matter of the impending discorporation of Rooster’s Coffee Barn, which, if it occurs, is quite probably an indication of the demise and collapse of Western Civilization. Insofar as anything in Alibam can be said to be a product or component of Western Civilization.

I did get through my morning constitutional despite an increase in the number of laps and it occurs that I will soon need a way to enumerate the completion of laps. I doubt the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab would appreciate my using Darwin’s method since I do walk in what is supposed to be a public park but has rather too scant greening to not be an activity lot. In particular it isn’t arranged for on-ground picnics and there is no place to play frisbie. Besides dogs are verboten.

On a more positive note I ran across an article [Link]  about how the ObamaCare web site is failing. I hope this is not an indication of things to come. From what I have seen in the last few years the country is enjoying the fruits of an amateur (elected) government. So while I have no problem – idealistically – with extending health insurance to the general populace, I reserve the right to get nasty about it when it crashes the whole system. If it does. In particular I am concerned that we are already suffering from a shortage of physicians in much of the hinterland and this increased burden is not going to make that anything but worse. And, as is usual with formalization, there is an increased burden on administrative side. In particular, there is cost creep that is going to result in great migrations of coverage. And that is likely to micturate those of us who have coverage before and lose it now.

I also have to worry about the wisdom of making the system economically dependent on the young. From what I have seen of GEN Y they seem to have a especially intense antipathy to their predecessors, probably not undeservedly but definitely hubristic. And courtesy of student loans they are much more money conscious than my generation were so until the premiums are less costly than the fines, I do not expect the young, especially young men, to enroll. I know I probably wouldn’t have had insurance in my early adulthood if it were not provided by college and employer.  So one more datum indicating the amateurism of the present elected government.

I will also waste a few ASCIIs on the apparent failure to game the unintended consequences. That’s pro forma, of course. All politicians are deathly afraid of maths and analysis. I sometimes think is is the water to their witchery, a statement that is not intended as any slur on Wiccanry, but is intended as a criticism of government by politicians. “Professional” politicians, that is.

In this matter I am reminded of Garrison Keillor’s (sp?)  weekly monologues about society dynamics in his imaginary community of Lake WoeBeGone (I can’t recall the proper contraction.) One of his recurring themes is the difference between amateur and professional, the latter in its functional sense and not in the contemporary sense of anyone who has an job. The epitome of this is “Professional Used Car Salesman” which is self-contradictory in much the same sense as “Jumbo Shrimp” taken out of proper context.

The venue of his amateur/professional parables is usually a sporting event, played by either high schule students or semi-pro/amateur/community adult teams. The professional aspect is usually illustrated by the game proceeding in proper fashion to its conclusion and closing even when it is an ignominious defeat for the “home team”. Amateurism is when the game degenerates in a brawl. I think the comparison with the Yankee congress is fairly obvious and is left therefore as an exercise for the student.

I shall leave a discussion of the aspect of the executive branch for a later blot. But I should like to close with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill: [Link]

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Whether we still have an actual democracy is also left for another blot.

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