Clarity of Nonsense

Into week out and finished my constitutional. The mroning, if it be such prior to sunrise, is brisk and the park is littered with the beginnings of the fall fair or whatever it is called by the conscript real estate agents-council members. A tawdry extravaganza of kitsch and unhealthy foodstuffs absent any PDA seems the apt description. FD SCP and I shall hunker down in bunker mode as we do during all of these tourist entrapments.

On which azimuth, I note [Link] that boffins at U Edinburgh have developed software that can preprocess announcements made on public address (loud speaker) systems, rendering the speech understandable. I have to admit that my first thought was to wonder whether this would make a Scot understandible to anyone not Scot? My second was that Bill Cosby would have to get a new monologue.

The archetype of this is bus stations but such are not as plentiful as they were in my youth. But we do have an early warning system in Greater Metropolitan Arab – sirens and loud speakers mounted on telephoneish poles situated throughout the village – that are both window shaking (the sirens) and totally unintelligible (the loud speakers.) These are pretty well ignored after the sirens cease since no information is forthcoming, just verbal gibberish, and the sirens are sounded if there is threatening weather anywhere in the county. Evidently all the money was used installing the poles so that nothing was left to permit geographic differentiation. Of course if that be the case then there is zero probability of the software being purchased. Indeed, I suspect this is universal. The software is a great thing but will die unused since the people who make the announcements just don’t care if they are understood or not.

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