Yuck Lost

Truly an ausual week end. I use those terms because I have no indication that weekends, or week outs, are normally distributed, and while, thus far, and in expectation, their statistics can be normalized, there is also no indication that a norm, in any of the definitions I am aware of, exists. Also, I say weekend instead of week out since the period of imposed leisure and inactivity is extended by two things: the holy day today; and the presence of a storm that stretches, according to my radar access, east and west beyond the boundaries of Alibam.

So scant hope for a constitutional this morning in the park, mostly because of FD SCP’s concerns over my well being, and the gym is closed in another of their frequent efforts to avoid keeping user friendly hours. The Arab Electron Uncooperative did their bit this morning about 0315. As soon as the storm exposed itself they promptly lost flow and the flow did not resume for about 35 minutes. This puts the matter on the edge of forming a firing party instead of just turning them over to a battery of ambulance chasers for verbal harassment. Such, of course, only occurs in a universe of higher integrity than this one.

I also was so occupied with a recalcitrant Winders lapbox and a manuscript I have been asked to review that I failed to clear old tabs and instill new ones. So no juicy mumblage sat waiting for me this morning when I had to coax the boxes back into brightness.

The occasion of today reminds me of the strange way the Yankee government, when it is not trying to oppress the citizenry and the states, uses language. Today is labor day and we are not supposed to labor. But if we do not, we shall be discorporate; breathing and metabolizing is labor. And all the governments seem to be trying to extinguish organized labor. So having a labor day clearly is quite sensible.

I suspect today will wind up being mentally incompetent, given its initiation. I hope not. Film at Eleven.

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