Arrogant Stupidity

Not a bad two day so far. Cooler this morning, and being an even day, the density of nasties was down at gym. I cannot say anything so well about the podcasts. Even the bits – two of them – about an optical lattice atomic clock were stark and dismal, absent of enthusiasm but not, I fear for the NIST spokesperson, a bit of snarkiness.

The last bit I listened to was about some famous film maker I had never heard of who had made a documentary about texting while driving. The thesis seemed to be that texters who cause accidents, and survive, are filled with guilt and remorse. I have to admit to feeling scant sympathy for these people, albeit considerable for their victims. And I found their remorse, the small number sampled, to be less than convincing, much less touching. Indeed, I began to consider why we permit these people to continue to walk about.

Texting is a deliberate act of irresponsibility. When it results in death or maiming the texters should be executed or, minimally, incarcerated for life? At least that is the question I am debating. Right now the AYE has the lead.

I also blame the council of thieves in the District. They should have passed a law requiring cellular telephone suppressors in all motorcars years ago. Another sin added o their roster.

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