Mundane Mutters

Once more into week in and the morning has been refreshing so far. I broke 12 at the gym and despite having the weight bouncers playing obstacle in the walking track things still went well. So maybe I can be a bit more positive about the direness that lurks now that the silly season has been ended by the resumption of schule.

Not the least of which is why does the resumption end silly season?

One of my colleagues, Mass Momentum, called to my attention that the founder of Hobby Lobby, in a fit of what appears to be passive agressive superstition has threatened to close his business rather than implement Obamacare. I am no fan of Obamacare, largely because it portends to do rather great harm and little good thus offending my own prejudices and sensibilities. It increasingly appears that we, the people, need protection from a government that seems bent on protecting us into poverty and death.

Our discussion was rather broad and tried to avoid the nasty bits but centered on whether an employer has the right to project his (her) religious beliefs on employees or is this a form of persecution? I held with the latter. If your beliefs are anti-choice and you do not want to provide health coverage for contraceptives, and I am pro-choice then you are restricting my right of expression and belief and that is a form of persecution and tyranny. And it does not matter whether the employer is a private citizen or a religionist organization.

By analogy, denying contraception is the same as denying invasive medical care of any form and it is a form of negligence and endangerment and tyranny. Selah.

On a more negative azimuth, I see [Link] that the DoD is planning on a Reduction In Force next year if sequestration continues. I see no reasonable prospect of that IF statement being FALSE, so prepare now. I would opine that the easiest way to absorb this reduction would be to abolish the positions of political appointees below the level of Service Secretary. Such however is impossible since Tartarus has not yet frozen over.

I noticed [Link] that 1,896 entering freshman co-eds have pledged sororities at the campus of the Black Warrior. As I recall this was about the size of my entire entering class. I also recall that the primary cause of co-eds flunking out was being a member of a sorority. So while I am happy that more women are attending college than in my day, I am not sure that the stupidity quotient has decreased.

On which azimuth, I note [Link] that Scots drink about half again more whisky than do the rest of Britons. Sounds rather maudlin. Shame that they didn’t make a comparison with the ethanol consumption at the campus of the Black Warrior. As a party schule of recent failing I suspect they are working hard to regain their infamy and consume twice as much as the average Scot.

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