Not ? a Failure

The heat returneth. Yesterday was passable but the weather beavers claim that this week will be an August week and not a May week or an October week. For one, I fear for the sanity of the boggerate when the weather beavers cannot distinguish calendar from weather. Ask them not about climate.

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, was relating how he had taken some of the weather beavers to task for their cavalier misrepresentation of atmospheric optical conditions. It is well known, at least among physicists who have studied or researched atmospheric optics, and Magnetic Inductance Force is certainly one such of these since he has both an absorption line shape and a phase function expansion named for him, that the distinction between haze and fog is visibility – in essence, optical depth. If the optical depth for a distance of one kilometer (for the bogs, approximately 0.62 Amerikan miles – we used to say English miles but the English have exceeded us in unitary intelligence and smarts and adopted the metric system,) is greater than one, then the aerosol condition is considered to be a fog, if less, a haze. The weather beavers seem unable to express this distinction and exhibit, blaringly, no inclination to learn.

One rather conjectures that they are more worried about dentition than professional excellence.

Along such azimuth, we noted this week, [Link] that the tyrant Mark Shuttleworth and his corporate sandbox, Canonical, were unsuccessful in gathering monetary support to market an Ubuntu cellular telephone. Shuttleworth has publicly rationalized this as obtaining publicity and thus not the failure it seems. To quote the great philosopher and comedian, Dr. William Cosby, “Right! How much is a cubit?” Identifying the source is left to the reader as an exercise.

I have been unshy about my dislike for Unity, the almost latest of Shuttleworth’s autarchic opressions. As a desktop environment – GUI – I find it wanting and counter-productive. Intensive study has indicated that this is the result of being a cumulative rather than a sequential worker. But I will concede that Unity might work on a cellular telephone or a tablet. Maybe. But do I want one?

That depends on the choices. I currently have an Android cellular telephone and it is adequate. Also exasperating at times. It requires entirely too much attention focus to operate for what it is intended as – a portable telephone. I realize that this is a tertiary – at best – use for many GEN Y, but for me the primary use is to conduct vocal communications beyond hearing distance. It does have the singular merit of being large enough that I can hear what is transmitted to me and be intelligible to the microphone to transmit to my communicant. This is rare among cellular telephones. Only my first, a Motorola folding brick, also had this necessary geometry/functionality. All the other phones were too small, having to be shifted down to talk and up to hear.

But otherwise, the size is an inconvenience that I can abide so long as someone continues to manufacture belt holsters for me to carry the thing.

Would I swap it for a Unity cellular telephone? I assume that it will also be a touch beast so that convenience/annoyance will not be changed. And I have no illusions of running Libre Office or any other meaningful client on it, or on a tablet. Neither are work platforms. So the question, IMHO, comes down to choices among phone OS.

Would I swap my Android phone for a Unity phone? Probably not. If the choice were an iPhone or a Unity phone I would grab the Unity phone as rapidly as I could without exceeding the speed of light. If the choice were a Unity phone or a Firefox phone, I would almost certainly select the Firefox phone, purely based on the utility of Firefox compared to Unity. Completely one-sided comparison.

So was the Unity phone venture a failure. Not to me, I can assure myself. I suspect Mr. Shuttleworth’s dream of a common OS/GUI for all (bog) electronics is already realized and it is either Chrome/Android or a browser. No good data yet, but I am watching. And enjoying him get punished for his arrogance towards those who have helped him in past.

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