Too Little Pony

I have discovered why the Yankee republic is in such bad shape. There are too few nerds. The Yankee republic has an official population (as of last year) of 314 MP (MegaPeople). There are several millions of illegal aliens living in the republic that should be counted but aren’t. So there’s probably at least four times as many people in the country as there should be for sustainability and decent standard of living.

Of these people, the YG claims that 5.67 MP are STEMS.[Link] Something in excess of a half but less than two-thirds of these (3.1 MP) are computer geeks who actually have diplomas although they don’t distinguish between half and full undergraduate degrees. About 1.7 MP are engineers, and the rest are science nerds. About 0.8 MP. That’s all.

This is just too few to inject enough reason and logic and good sense into the nation. What these folks can provide is too diluted – abased – by the emo, extro, neuroneg rot of the bogs.

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.” Goethe

So with the preponderance of not-STEMS in the population, it is scant wonder that we are fast on our way to third world status. 

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