Birth and Death celebration

We come to the aft end of week out. No rain this morning but the weather beavers foretell some later. So I had no wet in my face this morning during my walk and rather less wind than I should have liked. Sadly, even though it is silly season, it is tab hawging day.

Nonetheless, it is notable. The Encyclopedia Britannica eMail tells me today is the birthday anniversary of Virginia Dare and the death anniversary of Temujin. The latter was the cause of great relief across much of Europe and Asia, the passing of the Genghis Khan meant that at least a new regime would guide the Mongols while the former was a matter of false celebrity and officialese. All babies embody great innocence and great expectation, the fact that this one was the first (?) born of English parents only indicated the official start of a period that would be punctuated by bayonets and pain.

On which azimuth, this week hosted the public announcement of the existence of Area 51, the never-never land of the Yankee republic. [Link] And while the existence/presence of “grays” was not admitted, the use of the facility to test numerous observation aircraft was. Somehow this all had an aura of Briscoe County and Bruce Campbell about it. I don’t know why except the mash up of reality and mysticism makes for strange spice.

Somewhat more Temujin, MegaHard is threatening to sabotage its own OS. [Link] Seem that a whole host of Winders serfs users think MegaHard went aglee and lept the rails back with Vista and hasn’t gotten back on yet. Simply put, they reject either newer Winders or alternatives such as Apple OS or Linux. So seeking to not suddenly turn into a third world slum, MegaHard is vowing to introduce vulnerabilities – and malware opportunities – every Tuesday once the support period terminates. Given the stupidity and greed that is W8, I have to admit to only mild surprise. I suspect the box makers will sit quietly through this since almost all of those XP boxes are too old and decrepit to run anything newer, including most Linux distros. But I do know that I shall watch attentively to see whether this is another melt down on the path to slime mold for MegaHard or it reestablishes fascist tyranny in Amerika.

This does make me wonder if all of the computer folks are suffering silly season. Maybe an infestation of mind parasites dispersed from Groom Lake? The Linux folks are getting as bad as the Winders folks at demanding cutting edge boxes to run the current OS. What happened to supporting old but still hale hardware? Has everyone come down with  case of terminal megalomania? I find myself identifying with the XP horde. After looking at Vister and W7 and W8 I vow never to leave Linux. And then the Linux mafia keeps giving me stercus for OS. And it isn’t too long before the new LTS is due out. When does the balloon pop?

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