God is dead so why are there still churches?

Not a bad week out so far. And then I ran into an article [Link] that projects organized religion to have crashed by 2041.

The thesis is that as societies become more stable and less stressful so also do the number of people who substitute entertainment and possessions for superstition.

Rather a nice thing to read and consider on pseudo-shabat, isn’t it. But it certainly fits with the current superstition of Greater Metropolitan Arab and indeed of Alibam and the old Confederacy. That is, today being ice cream day when (most of) the christianists trundle off to services.

But I rather doubt the event if not the conjecture. So far as I can observe a significant fraction of local christianists have already substituted possessions and/or entertainment for active engagement with the body of superstition. And the churches haven’t been decaying very much.

I suspect the reason is that attending services is a social thing: parents bring children; wives bring husbands; fronds use it as a excuse to meet. And the churches are “selling out”, at least in the sense that they’re not being as rigorous about testing. After all, how recently has the inquisition visited Greater Metropolitan Arab? Well, the town doesn’t have a building for the church of Rome but the question is still meaningful.

So I have my doubts about the projection. But it is encouraging. Unless atheists are as nastily evangelical and pushy as christianists.

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