Saturday Wrong

We are into week out, Saturn’s day, and the portent is for another mild – for August in Alibam – day. The strange rains of this season, almost pop-ups, have become modal, at least in the short term, and perhaps a bit frightening for those who live low down.

On which azimuth, I note [Link] some work on the relationship between cellular telephone usage and motorcar crashes at Carnegie Mellon U and the London Schule of Economics. I have to admit that the latter immediately raised my skepticism given the general ineptitude of economists. The study compared motorcar crash density before and after 2100 hours on the conjecture that once free usage initiates, calling density increases. They found no increase:

“One thought is that drivers may compensate for the distraction of cellphone use by selectively deciding when to make a call or consciously driving more carefully during a call,”

I would counter-conjecture that the measure is flawed.

My observation is that there are fewer drivers on the road at 2100 and the ones who are are not using their cellular telephones as extensively as they do during daylight hours. I would have made the measurement during rush hours since that is when bogs seem to have cellular telephones growing out of their ears and the risk is greater.

But who am I to expect economists to do experiments properly?

I also note a study [Link] on demographics of cellular telephones. Seems that world-wide Android is essentially a Lanchestrian monopoly. And the survey principals, some corporation clearly bent on its own agenda and not science, claim that this is because Apple is slow in releasing new instruments.

Moose Muffins. Just last week I saw a bit of conjecture that the cellular telephone market had stabilized and there was scant difference between phones as evidenced by the efforts by service providers to differentiate new models based on marginal differences. Rather reminds one of the Ford Edsel and power windows, doesn’t it?

Anyway, that’s a slightly different phenomena. I would offer that Android is dominating the marketplace for a simple reason that I have enunciated numerous times: it’s the apps, not the OS. And Android has more apps than Apple or MegaHard, the first for censorship and the second for tardiness, and maybe censorship. Point being is that the demographics of cellular telephones follows very closely app demographics. Someone please break the news to Apple and MegaHard, … and Canonical.

On a more positive note, I see that the Yankee government National Security Agency is acting as expected. They are doing a ninefold decimation, eliminating 0.9 of their sysadmins. One has to wonder if they have suddenly discovered Sturgeon’s rule? Regardless, a pogrom – also known as punishment of the uninvolved (or innocent) – is the usual way that organizations respond to a wayward member or six. If one can be bad then everyone outside the iner circle must be bad and pruning is required to eliminate any threat. Threat to the organization that is.

Also entertaining is the stated rationale for why they are making the change from wetware to hardware. It has been my experience that most Yankee government organizations, political appointees excepted, are not feather beds of social employment. Usually if they have technical people on the rolls it is to do things that require their knowledge. So this bell definitely rings cracked.

And, as usual, I have to wonder why I read this in a furrin newspaper?

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