Canon illaw

As is my want on Thor’s day, I listened to a Linux podcast at gym this morning – blissfully absent of educationalists, weight bouncers, and precipitation. This was an episode of the UK Ubuntu podcast which is excellently done but this morning offered up an interview of one of Canonical’s oligarchs.

The party line is that Ubuntu is abandoning its nerd following to try to be pap for disgruntled Winders users. I find myself considering that disloyal, treasonous even, but within the rights of a corporation to do. I will not disagree with their taking the action except to admonish that they should cease claiming they are part of the FOSS community.

But I do object to the claims that the OS is easy for neubs and universal. It is anything but. The Ubuntu phone is a shrug, demonstrated by how they had to exclude the FOSS community to get funding. But the real meat is the Unity desktop/GUI. Absent the nerd base there is no one to mentor new users and quite frankly Unity cannot be taught by those who cannot use it.

Having tried three times to adopt Unity, failing every time because of its klutzy aproductiveness, I cannot recommend Ubuntu to my colleagues looking for something other than Winders now that XP is railing and W8 is failing. I happily recommend Zorin or Mint or the *ubuntus but not the big U itself. And as for me, the most valuable tool in my kit these days is the command line script that blows Unity away.

The question in my mind is how much longer can we keep fixing Ubuntu from its creators’ sabotage becfore we just consign it to the rubbush bin?

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