Sleep Off

Great hopes are held for today. Yesterday was survived; Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill was actually raher tame traffic-wise once we got past the heavy rain and the insecure underachievers in oversized pickup trucks generating water curtains and motorcar wrecks. I could comment on their endocrine inadequacies but that would be excessive characterization.

The gym was happily sparse this morning. Very few weight bouncers and no educationalists. And the podcast was an episode of “The Techie Geek” that was almost passable once once got past the irrelevant distraction of nattering about a ham wireless club in Texas and home beer making. There was also a discussion of Coursera that gave more evidence for the courses being hideously watered down.

Speaking of which I noted an article [Link] on some work at U Sydney on the temperament differences between early risers and late risers. They use a different set of names but the findings are pretty damning. It seems that late risers are not very good people. I’m not at all sure this is news but it is academic validation, at least.

I’m not at all sure how strong their findings are however. FD SCP is a late riser while I am an early riser. And both of us are nice people. She is appreciably nicer than I am as evidenced by my continued existence.

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