Beyond the Clyde

Once more to last day of week out. So far mild. But I have great trust in the perversities of nature. I bestirred myself early for my constitutional this morning, trying to find some condition with wither more wind or less wearable humidity. I was only partly successful. I have found however that listening to an out of season episode of Garrison Keeler’s “News from Lake Woebegone” helps. So I listened to him talking about snow falling and social organizations of silliness.

On which note, I saw [Link] that Scotland is planning on eventual – read SOON! – independence fro England and on that occasion will start its own navy to patrol the Clyde. It is unclear what the threat is. At least it isn’t covered by the journalist.

I rather suspect that most bogs have a view of Scotland shaped by Amerikan movies staring Australian actors with lots of woad smearing and throat cutting. A far cry from “Scots wha hae with Wallace bled” in all senses. As one who has a bit of Scots heritage and rather enjoys the thought of evicting English tyrants at point of bayonet, I heartily approve of independence for Scotland. I also feel that independence granted is not independence realized, nor earned.

But I am not sure that is the situation with Scotland. History records repeated efforts to secure independence from the cancerous English, and their tenacious parasitism to exercise dominion over the whole island. That latter may make sense in terms of grand strategy but it grates on the minds of the independent. So I fully expect any border between Scotland and the southron tyranny to bristle with spear points. I also expect an immediate military expansion in Scotland with the aim of its own dominion. And I suspect the first target will be some country with excellent dental instrumentality given the Scot weakness for sweets. On which count England way rest easy.
On the azimuth of that slumbering despotry, I see [Link] courtesy of the Register, that Chromebooks are now the fastest growing computer sales sector. I have to view this a bit yellowly. It is encouraging to hope that the touch screen delusion may finally be contained but I have to wonder at a computer that only works if there is an internet connection. One more bit of indication that the world is now dominated by the workers of the ant hills and that the hinterland is irrelevant except for feeding them?

Next, I note [Link] an Op-Ed piece about the practice or coroporations fabricating false science articles to further their ends. Much as I should like to punish this by subjecting corporate officers to the Mongolian death of a thousand cuts, I suppose surrendering them to the gentle mercies of Scot special forces would be adequate. Regardless, this sort of thing should not be tolerated in any actual democracy. Which, according to our worst president in living memory. we no longer are.

Maybe second worst?

Anyway, at some point we either need to recover our country from the partisan politicians and the corporate oligarchs or succumb to a regime of eating haggis and cream puffs.

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