Associations of the Poo Kind

Humans, I am told by both articles and colleagues of the psychological inclination, make associations, most of which are inaccurate. That seems to me why they tend to place such an emphasis on statistics but fail to comprehend the nature of observability. On the other hand, this does tend to explain all the conspiracy whacks. I, at least, plan to sit back and enjoy these spurious – perhaps – associations.

For example, yesterday at gym I listened to a podcast about Linux, an episode of “The Linux Action Show” dedicated – minuscully – to a review of the MIR server. This was the billed high point of the show and it was why I listened to it somewhat reticently given its almost zero pony to poo ratio. In that regard I was not disappointed. The MIR review was too brief and too late in the show to avoid the death of a thousand monkeys. I leave that association as an exercise for the student.

The review was uniformly negative. I can recall no positive statements except in the sense that I am positive there were a lot of negative aspects to MIR. The reviewers were positively urbane in not discussing how MIR is all about Canonical branding trying to make Ubuntu something separate from Linux. They didn’t need to. It was a pogrom.

I had already resolved to not upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10, the next LTS, when it is issued. I am doubly resolved now.

On a more positive side, researchers at Tufts U have determine that if flatworms are decapitated, not only do the heads grow back but the poor fellows retain their memories.[Link] This may be one of the great cruelties of nature. Or then again it may be one of its great jokes that these poor worms have their brain elsewhere and their heads are nothing more than end caps?

When I saw this article, the journalist wasn’t clear about what type of worms were involved and I immediately thought of earthworms, the kind we use around here for still fishing. Planaria are, I believe, more of an aquatic worm. I know they are a workhorse, so to say, of biology, mostly because my high school biology textbook was full of pictures of them.

That was in a day when the female students took biology but refused to learn anything about any animal that was the least atom unpleasant to them. Planaria were not the least. They were polite in those days, so they didn’t cover their ears and repeat safety words – the women that is – when the animals were talked about. Happily this talking was sparse since biology courses were usually taught by failed coaches who still had to be carried on the teacher rolls. Sadly, while I was reflecting on this during my morning walk I found myself unable to recall anything my high schule biology teacher said that didn’t have to do with athletics.

Thats one of those strange associations: failed high schule coaches and teaching high schule biology. I’m not sure it exists any more. Probably, except that now its complicated by intelligent design creationists. Who also don’t talk about Planaria because they can’t explain them. Or themselves.

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