Car Racism

Occasionally we have these confluences of relevance. This happened yesterday. First of all FD SCP mentioned to me that SCPdatter (and consort) were looking at new motorcars. I innocently inquired if they were looking at mommie mobiles and got this strained positive as a response. Evidently there is some inertia here I was unaware of. Waiting is, to quote Grand Master Bob.

The second came about during a conversation among colleagues when we came to the subject of personality cars. That is, the characterization of certain motorcars as chick cars, BMOC cars, ….

Afterwards, this led me to the consideration of nerd cars. I should distinguish between nerd cars and geek cars, although this is difficult. Both are often cars not appreciated by bogs, as shall be made evident. The biggest difference is that fundamental to differentiating geeks from nerds, namely collections versus knowledge. A geek car tends to be a means fo hauling about one’s collection while a nerd car reflects some aspect of knowledge (and action.)

My first two motorcars were corvairs. These are quintessential nerd cars. They are rear wheel drive with a rear engine. The technical advantages of this far outweigh the relative instabilities and the danger of the front “trunk”/gas tank. They also exemplify the disdain that bogs have for geek and nerd cars, as demonstrated by the foul reputation they are held in by people who have never driven nor owned one. I would own one today is I could find a new one. But there is scant hope that Detroit will make such a serendipitous mistake again. 

Most of my cars have been nerd cars, characterized by some engineering excellence and a utility often unrecognized by people besotten with speed and/or appearance. In fact, that’s a good characterization of bogs, fast and facade.

I once owned a chevrolet citation on the idea it was an inverted corvair. It was a nice vehicle until I found the flaw of a maintenance manual that dictated no cleaning of the cooling system. That’s when I shifted to hondas which are not as nerdy but are better technically than Amerikan cars, especially in the seats. Amerikan cars have seats that are painful in minutes unless one is drugged or inebriated, which is likely a lesson. They also last much longer which is definitely a nerd characteristic.

Not that I expect SCPdatter to get a nerd car. She isn’t and her consort definitely isn’t. But that’s ok, more for me.

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