Acomputate Eptitude

Tis two day and warm and muggily begun. With about a month before schule starts sessioning here in Nawth Alibam the gym was pleasingly sparse, a welcome change after yesterday’s infestations of educationalist weight bouncers – a dual threat rather analogous to pedophilic sociopaths – and a short in the fire alarum system that managed to induce a nasty migraine. The podcast was episodes of science bits and between a discussion of neural facilitation of prostate cancer and too many TED talks it was rather an exceptionally unpleasant listening.

On which note, I noted last week [Link] the rather lovely title “STEVE BALLMER KILLS WINDOWS”. Sadly the discorporation was not of the OS but of MegaHard’s organization. Insofar as I can tell from the journalism, MegaHard is running quite scared having produced two Edsels in a row, Vister and Wate. The natural reaction to this when the problem is beyond the capacity of management is a reorganization so that it appears something is being done and there is the vain hope that whoever might fix the problem will not be run off by the water welling in the bottom of the boat.

It strikes that this reorganization, apparently from product to functional orientation, may have some benefit in that it will likely assure the same coding quality and stupidity throughout all MegaHard products. Rather than improve Winders it seems likely this will bring everything down to its depravity. So great opportunities to the Linux community, at least the portion that hasn’t gone to the dark side of the GUI, most notably Darth Shuttleworth.

Next, a lovely article [Link] about the Yankee government’s Economic Development Administration. Seems this actvity was told they had some malware and promptly began physically destroying their computer hardware – all the way down to ice and keyboards. I have to apologize to the Yankee army. I used to think its senior leadership was computer oblivious. I now know they were not, just typically inept and military. And no, those are not synonyms. I have known many army folk who are ept. It is just that almost none of them are promoted to general officer. 

But I should warn that the Yankee government as a rule does not enjoy this dismal level of computer savvy. It does widely enjoy this level of computer mispractice but not, I suspect, among those of the intelligence community. Especially the domestic intelligence community.

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