Wart Removal

On a more positive note, I see [Link] that MalWart has threatened to remove itself from the District of Columbia if the city council enacts a ‘living wage’ ordnance.

Best news I have heard in years. Perhaps I can get the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab to enact such? Then we can get rid of this cancer.

The datum carefully hidden by both MalWart and city governments is that MalWart both reduces the average income in communities with its presence, but that it destroys three jobs for every two it creates. IOW, it’s a net negative for the community. But the town bubbas get to buy beer and chitlins at reduced prices – sorta. And pay inflated prices on many other things like computers and electronics.

So if we can get them to voluntarily leave just by passing a humanitarian ordnance, “let loose the dogs of war”!

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