Who Loosened the Anklebiter Gnomes?

Last night was more fun than a blunt stick in the eye. Seems a funnel cloud was see over on the other side of the county and the emergency management people decided to set off all the alarms in the county. No threat here in Greater Metropolitan Arab, except from the emergency management people, but sleep was disrupted for the rest of the night.

Prior to that the Arab Electron Uncooperative did their thing so in addition to having a sinus headache this morning I got to reboot both of my deskboxes. That was after I went to gym and suffered a particularly egregious episode of ‘The Linux Action Show”, whose chief positive is that there isn’t much profanity. Not much useful information either. But since the CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” have gone on their extended (TOO D**N LONG) summer sabbatical I have need of content to divert me from the educationalists and weight bouncers and their bullying.

And someone pushed out a lot of updates last night so I am sitting here waiting for those to install.

OK, enough B&M, if my head settles down I may post some snarkery later.

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