Uncertain Progress

We come once more to the back edge of week out and once more the appointed time and space to dispose of excess tabs. This has been a rough period what with the strains of the holiday and the fall of dihydrogen oxide from the sky.

There is some point to be taken to the distinction between holidays of fixed date and those of movable date. Mysticism seems a key factor here. The Fixed date holidays: Christmas; Thanksgiving; and Independence Day; have greater emotional ties among the population than do the portable holidays like Labor or Arbor or Great (?) Men birthdays. Of course, one has to wonder how great they can be if we keep changing their days of observation, and which men are observed. But I do have to contemplate why events are more important than the people who cause them?

Lately there has been a lot of grrr brrr about the nature and applicability of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Now it seems that a group at U Minnesota has some indication – a proof they claim – that the measurement interpretation of the UP is indeed valid.[Link] I cannot but help noticing that the discussion of applicability – and violation – seem to have to do with things that are natural to a curved coordinate system. This casts some question about whether the other interpretation of the UP that was mouthed about in my day, that space-time is actually quantized, is applicable. I leave the considerationas an exercise to the reader.

Next, some work from George Washington U about the evolution of human (hominid) ability to throw about 2 MYA.[Link] As I recall the spear dates from much closer to present? What makes this thoughtful is that the cast spear is a key technology/social practice on the way to the development of war.

Then, we have a bit from Northwestern U, in conjunction with the Yankee governments Space Apparat, that our galaxy likely has about 60 billion planets in the water zone of their stars.[Link] Now all we need is a good space drive so the nerds and geeks can leave Tellus to the bogs, who are not, in the main, meek but are accute rectal pains almost always.

And lastly, from U Michigan we learn that the flavor of beer by itself is enough to trigger dopamine release in the brain.[Link] That rather tends to explain why fake beer is drunk, ne can get a mental if not a physical high from it. And perhaps what the founding grandfater meant when he supposed said that beer was proof that the deity loves us. This, of course, raises the quesion of how much of religion is just dopamine?