Deep Waters

Survived declaration announcement anniversary day, or whatever we want to call it. Mostly it seems to have been a day of the weather beavers getting left/right mixed up. Instead of north-east Alibam getting flooded, it was north-west. We’ll have to see what today brings since the flood alert now covers all of nawth Alibam.

What this reminds us of mostly is not that meteorologists get it wrong, because it ain’t deterministic engineering. Ayeh, it’s engineering; it has crossed the line from understanding (science) to making something work, in this case a forecast. And it don’t always work the way we would like it to. Especially when we live in a bottom floor apartment in a low lying area where all the water is going to end up.

The mostly is that we have too many people. And as a result, along with the illusion of some degree of personal freedom, which is disappearing by leaps and bound as the population increases and the government pares away liberties, we have too many people living in places they shouldn’t and making do with lives that increasingly aren’t worth living.

I got reminded of this yesterday [Link]

with this cartoon. I got behind on cartoon reading this week and only got caught up yesterday, but that turned out to be propitious. Anyway, this typifies the tenor of the country. We are running away from democracy as fast as we can and it makes me shudder. And I fear it is because we are becoming neotanous, at least in an interim period until the coffles come out again.

Along which lines, why are so many corporations trying so hard to demonstrate Sturgeon’s rule? I have blathered repeatedly about MegaHard and Canonical who seem infested with some mind parasite that drives them to offend as many old customers as possible while alienating new customers as well. Now that phenomenon seems to have spread to the book publishing world. [Link] And the mind cancer seems to be technology. Could it be that companies in stage three – management by accountants – cannot deal intelligently nor cannily with technology. MegaHard and Canonical seem unable to distinguish salient environmental differences between boxes and slabs. Now Random House seems unable to distinguish similar environmental differences between pBooks and eBooks.

It’s not just the bogs who are bonkers, it’s the organizations as well.

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