Far to Go

Today is day of declaration. The anniversary not of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but of its announcement; the day when the founding fathers became blatantly traitors to the British Empire. As such it is a day worth remembering, that sometimes good men (and women) have to place themselves at risk to counter evil.

The day is not pure. As I have commented previously, the document was finalized on 2 July but a day of interval was necessary for the resolve to announce to the public to accumulate. Happily it did so. But what it did not do was dispose of another evil.

Recently, it has come to attention that Thomas Jefferson included words about the evil that is slavery in his draft of the declaration:

(slavery is) “…violating its most sacred of life and liberty of a distant people, who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incommensurable death in their transportation thither.”[Link]

This bit got removed by other FFs, we may only hope for singularity of purpose and not craven self-interest. We have since gone on to eliminate the most egregious form of slavery in this country, admittedly at the cost of a war far greater than that we fought with the British, but many forms still exist. And we are still reduced to less than we can be by their presence.

Consider that as you celebrate today.

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