Guarded Emptiness

Back to week in and gym. And the crowd was sparse today. Probably the holy day on top of schule being desessioned? Anyway, the podcast was an episode of CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, this one a talk by an AmerInd that was rambling and absent any clear objective. Mostly what came across as whining about mistreatment by government and society.

On which note, I found an article [Link] yesterday about how the Yankee Army has blocked the Guardian’s web site because of its publication of the NSA revelations of that non-person who is moldering in the Moscow airport. This doesn’t surprise me. It’s exactly the sort of Orwellian thing that the YA does, at least based on my experience. But I did get to wondering what their motivation was other than petulance?

Do they think they’re protecting the troopies? Because anyone else is likely to be living off base and have an ISP. And word that they YA is blocking the web site is sure to make it a first priority once one is at a machine that isn’t blocked. But I doubt the YA is sufficiently subtle and sophisticated to do this with intent. After all, this is an organization that hasn’t figured out after 200+ years that telling people they can’t do something results in more of the activity than keeping silent. So by that token, they can’t be thinking they’re hiding the information except in their minuscule bureaucratic directive neurons.

I suspect the real reason is fairly subtle, at least for these folks. I suspect what they are doing is making it hard enough to get to the site that only the really smart folks can get around the barriers and thus – they think – they;re keeping the network from being overloaded. At least that’s the probable intent. I also suspect it will not have that effect.

In my experience the YA brags about its stewardship, but what it actually does is hoard and waste. This seems likely to be another instance of such.

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