Organized Stupidity

End of week out and summer is in full swing. And the observance of Independence Day is coming up.

Since the declaration was signed on 2 July but it took another day for the founding fathers to gather the courage to actually announce the thing.

I find this rather refreshing that they had this moment of irresolution. Crossing the line to blatant treason should not be easy. We expend a lot of effort on our organizations and decisions to whack them should not be made lightly. Of course, the organizations do not care about their members, only that they have enough to survive. So we repeatedly make the mistake of expecting organizations to behave with a bit of loyalty or gratitude.

Wrong. Organizations do neither. They do not care. But we do. And that’s why periodically we need to beat the organizations into submission before they reduce us to slaves.

One aspect of that came to light this week in an article [Link] detailing some work at Baylor U. The work looked at charitable contributions and the social dynamics of the group contributing.

Seems that the group disapproves of the folks who are out in the wings of the distribution of how much is given. Both wings: less and more than the mean by some amount. So the non-contributors are as socially unacceptable as those who give bunches.

The unanswered question is why should either subpopulation care? Why you give to a charity is your business. If you don’t approve of a charity and other people do, is that a valid reason for ostracism? Or just an indication of bog preponderance?

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