Encrypted Golf

Two day and the gym was almost sparse enough. Only a couple of weight bouncers playing speed bump for every one else. As is usual, the podcasts were science episodes and the highlights were a discussion of the hundredth anniversary of the Bohr atom (Science) and an interview with E. O. Wilson (NPR – Abe Flato.)

I was already pumped on Bohr from the article in this month’s Physics Today but this was reasonably supplemental despite its superficiality and boggish positivity. And it did give me occasion to reflect on the use of the term “orbital”. But I was a bit leery of Wilson. After all, a great deal has been made of his statement that scientists don’t need maths: I cannot imagine this, at least for physicists. But I was pleasantly surprised by his argument for this, which is almost entirely in the biology context, so I will concede that those who do “stamp collecting” science may not need maths. And I rather took a shine to one of his statements that

“Real Scientists don’t play golf (or watch football.)”

On which azimuth, I noted an Ars Technica article [Link] that indicates if you use anonymous browsing or encrypted email then you are more likely to be watched by the Yankee government’s secret internet police.

Sorry, this one isn’t a surprise. It’s even logical as well as being in the category of a sore tooth that has to be repeatedly touched to make sure it is still sore. I am somewhat less taken with the bull-red analogy.

It only stands to reason that if the YG sees someone encrypting or anonymous then the natural conjecture is that they are up to something not innocent. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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