Mutt and Jerk

Once more to the cusp of the week, and time to cull tabs. First, an admission from the anthropologists (or whatever) that they do have to be engaged in science and that the story of human evolution is more complicated than they had thought.[Link] The matter at hand is, obviously, what happened to all the other types of humans: neandertals; denisovians; and hobbits? The answer seems to be a real chaos of things ranging from extermination through miscegenation. Now that, if I may misuse the term, is REAL racism. (humor)

The matter I refer to is that one may argue that sapiens and neandertals, et al., are different races, and hence what we pander about as racism actually is the situation here. And the answer seems to be that it all got mixed up in a genetic oleo that is the human species today. And except for the folks whose ancestors stayed in Africa, we aren’t really sapiens in the main. We’re mutts. Homo Hibrida. Selah.

Speaking of mutts, particle smashers in Nippon have observed a particle that apparently is made up of four quarks. [Link] Up to now all composite particles so comprised have been made of two or three quarks. Apparently we now have a situation presented where quarks are the lego blocks of Nature. It would be amusing to say that the quadquark thingie was named something like Joyce Four but instead it has a rather gritsish observational number. Ah well. At least we may hope for the quick emergence of some descriptive Haiku?

On which note, I found an article [Link] in the weekly Register roll up that indicates Winders Ate really is a flop. Seems that the new release Ate.One is not any more attractive to users and consumers than Ate.Zed was. Pity. Not.

And on that note, enough. Somehow knowing that MegaHard is stumbling badly is enough to start the day on a good note.

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