Where is Alice?

The week is sagging, and I am about to wander over to the park for a morning constitutional. I want to get there after there is enough light not to stumble over the people poo but not so late as to have to share the place with a host of bogs. The people who are there early in morning are weird enough, myself included.

On the weirdness azimuth, I note, [Link] courtesy of U Indiana, that academics who do TED talks are (statistically) more popular than non-academics, but the success does not gain them mana points with their colleagues. I am not surprised but, for once, am not dismayed at this academic affirmation of my own perception. I have several acquaintances – most are not colleagues because we produce nothing together, but such is inherent to human society – who send me links to TED talks. All obey Sturgeon’s rule in two aspects. First, 0.9 of them, by count, are crap. Second, each individual talk, in the mean, is 0.9 crap. And the reason the latter is so low is because of the academic talks.

The merit of the academic talks over the rrest is that there is some accurate information in them. Most TED talks are religionist scams Potemkin-ized to try to be entertaining. The information they contain is unsubstantiated and microscopic. The bulk is showmanship and disappearing elephants. And so overdone as to rival the comedy of the Three Stooges. Rival in decrpitude, not in entertainment.

One of my colleagues, Force Spring Constant, reminds me that TED talks are supposed to be entertaining, per guidance. Since they fail so resoundingly for me, and I am well known, at least to myself, to have a sterling sense of humor, it follows that the TED audience is made up of people who have a sadly degenerate – as in stench of discorporation – senses of humor. And rather non-existence standards and perception of information accuracy.

Hence, the article from U Indiana at least provides me with some confirmation that this aberration is indeed in the TED community and not among the literate, calculate, and computate.

And I have to hypothesize that putting up with the people who send me these links is part of the burden of being part of a society comprised of 0.9 bogs.

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