Once more into week out, and it bodes to be a good week out at that. Admittedly we have the rather tedious nonsense of Father’s day to endure, a punishment visited on us by women whose cooking we consume as compensation for not reproducing and running away. Or at least that’s what the brain sty at fair Hahvahd is telling us these days.

Not that there is much cooking these days. Mostly it’s fast food, maybe brought home, or fast food extracted from boxes purchased at the local MalWart. Regardless it is going to make sure the current generation lives fewer days than its predecessor generation. So the expenditure of effort on cooking is a lot less than it was when society invented family. Of course what men do these days is a lot different from then, and Sturgeon’s rule applies because at least 0.9 of it can be done by a woman, so it comes down to the fact that men are a convenient sperm factory and that is not far off from being it.

That’s why Father’s day is such a farce. The hypothesis that it only exists to balance Mother’s day, which does have some validity, is more than just viable. Sons don’t make a big thing of the day; daughters do. And wives, although whether the latter is part of the conspiracy or not is unclear.

Anyway, what makes things good is that the Lord High Justicers of the Yankee republic have decreed that genes cannot be patented. [Link] To comprehend why this is good, we need only, in good maths practice, consider the opposite. Simply put patenting of genes is slavery. Pure and simple. If some corporation owns the intellectual property of a bit of DNA, then they own the people who have that snippet. And that’s a worse evil than Father’s day.

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